Mar / 19

“How Much Love” Music Video

How Much Love by Katie Fisher Staring Finn and Lily


Mar / 19

“Tangled” Music Video

Tangled by Leslie Early from Kirk Fisher Music by Leslie Early Video by Kirk Fisher Starring Meghan Fitzgerald

Oct / 14

Joy Film Events: “Con Artist” Screening

“Modern art is a con. I am the world’s greatest con artist.” “Fame is love; I need love.” “Da Vinci and Michelangelo: I can see the dandruff on their heads as I look from above down on them,” said Mark Kostabi in “Con Artist,” Michael Sladek’s entertaining documentary portrait of one of the art world’s […]

Oct / 10

The Jeanette Joy Show : Jeanette Joy and Dave Stech

Jeanette Joy interviews real estate investor Dave Stech whose controversial methods inspire, outrage, and entertain. Filmed on location in San Diego by Ted Setla.