This is a movie for anyone who has had a dream and had to fight for it. Eddie has to overcome obstacle after obstacle, and then more obstacles. Can you relate? Life can be unrelenting in the tests it throws at us. Eddie the Eagle is an inspiring story because no matter what happens, he keeps coming back.

Eddie is a loveable underdog with a never-say-die attitude. His dream is to be in the Olympics. He may not win, but he can’t lose because no matter what happens, he’ll prove his courage and tenacity – to himself and to the world. Winning for Eddies means that he must build all kinds of capability – not just jumping, but also courage and strength of character – enough to be in the Olympics.


Our dreams are tested. There are those who say our visions are impossible, crazy or both. We may not have the resources and support we need. We may face apparently insurmountable obstacles, so many of us give up. Not so with Eddie.  

As Eddie told his trainer, “It’s more difficult than I expected.” Oh well, that’s just the way it is sometimes. I reminded of what motivational speaker, Les Brown says, “If it’s hard, do it hard.”


Eddie is unstopped by any and all obstacles. He finds ways to overcome and becomes a great role model – not just in sports, but for anyone who has a dream.

  • The British Olympic Committee did not want Eddie to represent them in the Olympics and disallowed him to participate. But Eddie fought against them and won his spot in the 1988 Winter Olympic Games
  • Other players had been learning to jump since they were five or six years old; they resented Eddie competing after having under two years of training.
  • Eddie had very little money so he would sleep in his car if he had to.


When we look at what others have, in terms of resources and support, for achieving their goals, we can become confused about what we “need” versus what would be nice (even very nice) to have.

Eddie had more dedication, heart, and spirit than any of the other jumpers out there. In addition to his personal will, Eddie was clear about what he needed: a place to sleep, food, equipment, and coaching. He got those, and not much more. He made do with what he did have and with sheer determination grew in capability and grit – enough to reach his goal of being in the Olympics. In the movie, Eddie was coached by washed-up jumper Bronson Perry. Perry’s methods were “ugly but effective.” Eddie’s training used make-shift equipment to build Eddie’s balance, stamina, and skill. It worked.


We might feel like, if no one is for us, we cannot feel motivated. Usually, there is someone who will be on our side. People sometimes discount the meaning of that one person’s support; that’s a mistake.

In the absence of others’ support, we must be there for ourselves. And in addition to others being for us, we must also be there for ourselves. It seems to me that one of our top jobs relative to our goals (in addition to building capability) is to encourage ourselves. Funny thing, once we show enough forward movement, we inspire others to jump on board. Just remember, about others whose support we want and don’t get, “They are doing the best we can!” While proving them wrong can be very motivating (“Massive success is the best revenge,” as Frank Sinatra said), forgiveness can free up energy we need to perform at our peak.

We may “want” encouragement so much that we “need” it. The good news is: we can encourage ourselves. Movies, songs, and more can give us the inspiration we need to carry one. And our own positive self-talk can be crucial to our success.


Eddie’s dad was not for him. Not even a little bit. No one was rooting for Eddie at first. Actually not true, his mom was on his side. There’s usually someone, maybe just one, but someone who will encourage us. As is often the case, as Eddie showed dedication, determination, and heart, people did start cheering him on. They hoped he would succeed.

The British Olympic Committee told Eddie they did not want him to represent them, that he was not good enough. That had to hurt! But Eddie persevered.

The movie shows Eddie overcoming obstacle after obstacle. We have to imagine what he might be saying to himself, but we can be sure of one thing, what he told himself was positive.