How Much Love was written and sang by Katie Fisher and filmed by Kirk Fisher

Katie Fisher

Bio :

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter, Doula, Holistic Health Practitioner, Translator
Education: B.A., Foreign Languages, Musical Theatre at Principia College

Travel abroad, indigenous healing traditions, singing for ceremonies.

Speaking English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian. Singing/Playing guitar. World class healing with organic herbs and therapeutic essential oils. Creating Organic, slow-cooked or Raw vegan delicacies. Supporting idigenous communities through preservation and integration of ancient healing traditions.

“Katie not only speaks Russian, Portugese, and Spanish, she sings and plays guitar. In her spare time, Katie helps people with massage therapy, spiritual retreats, and healthy eating habits. Only a fortunate few get to avail themselves of Katie’s excellent care.” – Jeanette Joy

Kirk Fisher

Bio :

Occupation: Worked at Children’s Health Fund
Education: Columbia University