What a journey!

I flew into Chicago, picked up an FAST Buick Enclave, ate dinner with a great group of Twitter friends, interviewed amazing volunteers, went to a fabulous wine tasting party on the lakefront, went shopping for tech stuff in a Best Buy with an elevator and designer clothes at Feline’s Basement and so much more!

After Chicago, I drove to Detroit and had dinner with Vicky Akins and her husband Max (who took over driving the Joy Mobile). The next day we filmed Tweet Me Right Charity videos and then toured Detroit. WOW! I thought it would be horrible from all the bad news. Not so! Detroit needs help, but it has so much to offer and the people are so nice! Every where you go!

After another morning of filming, I picked up Simone Blum at the airport and we drove to Canada. The adventures continue…

America is filled with loving, caring people who make a difference every day. We’ll be sharing their stories on Joy TV and all over the Internet!

If you know someone who gives their time and works to impact their community, please nominate them in the comments.

Magnify the Good!

Joy to you~